Ceiling Periodic Table

7 05 2012


There are many clever ways of incorporating chemistry into your daily life, from periodic puzzles and periodic cups to building plastic molecular models (a favourite of mine), and even periodic cupcakes, but this ceiling seems a nice interactive idea!

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Decorating the ceiling with a periodic table is a popular high school science activity, and when Scott Byrum noticed that the acoustic tiles in his newly-renovated teaching lab were square, he saw a golden opportunity. Or, if you like, a palladium one.

Byrum, a chemistry teacher at North Sand Mountain High School in Higden, AL, says:

“I’m having to compete with all the Xboxes and the Nintendos, so I have to keep my sword sharp. Unless I can keep my classroom hopping and keep it exciting, I will lose the students in a matter of moments. This periodic table on the ceiling almost engages their minds visually like a game.”

The letters are vinyl, cut by a local company, and are color-coded based on each element’s state at standard temperature and pressure. There’s another picture at Jackson County’s The Daily Sentinel.

Periodic Table Ceiling | April 30, 2012…

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